USBWebserver V8

On this page you can download the english and dutch version of USBWebserver and the manual..
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Download USBWebserver V8.6

(mirror) Download USBWebserver V8.6

(mirror) Download USBWebserver V8.6

Older version
USBWebserver V8.5
USBWebserver V8.2

USBWebserver V8 English Manual
USBWebserver V8 Dutch Manual

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USBWebserver is Free for use.
Because USBWebserver is provided and maintained by volunteers, we appreciate donations.
With these donations will we able to keep developping USBWebserver.
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Change log

USBWebserver 8.6

  • New languages
  • DPI Bug fixed
  • Nieuw application versions

USBWebserver 8.5

  • added Spanish language file
  • added Portuges language file (translated by Tiago de Souza)
  • added serveral other languages

USBWebserver 8.5

  • My.ini bug fix
  • PHP Version 5.3.9
  • Apache 2.2.21
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • MySQL 5.5

USBWebserver 8.2

  • Unexpected error solved (16 bit colors)

USBWebserver 8.1

  • Mod rewerite is fixed
  • False virus warning for php library removed